Blogspot hates me!

I have tried once again to post on our class blog, but it says it can not verify my credentials.  I am logged into wordpress so I am completely confused! ARGH!!  However I still have my blog and I can post my long term story idea on here.

After photographing the local firefighters, I decided that I wanted to do a story on either a ladder or an individual firefighter.  I haven’t set anything into stone, but I am pretty sure that I am going to be able to do this story.  I will keep you posted.

As for our photo challenge last week, I am so honored to hear what Michael Mercanti thought of my photograph.  Please tell him thank you!

Nathan’s photos are AMAZING! Congratulations!  I love the first one as well as the birds flying with their shadows.  When I asked Nathan how he felt about his photos from the challenge, he did not seem too thrilled.  Then I saw these shots and can not believe how much he doubted his work.  Be proud because I think you did an exceptional job Nathan.


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